Tales The Land Tells - Exhibition with Joe Charrington, Zosia Symanoswka & Esme Papa @ Koop Projects

Opening Friday, 31 May: Tales the Land Tells is an exhibition that focuses on the passage of time and the stories we can tell using the land around us. Featuring a delicate collection of work from, Esme Papa - The Seaweed Experiments, Zosia Szymanowska - Place & Passing and Joe Charrington -'Lay Like The Folds of A Bright Girdle Furled'.

"Along the bleak facade of permanence that is the Sussex Coastline, Joe Charrington interprets and documents transient states. 'Lay Like The Folds of A Bright Girdle Furled', a line reappropriated from Mathew Arnold's poem Dover Beach, is an ode to the ever changing landscape on the southern most stretches of this England”.

Beneath Mercia - Published by Unit 33

Joe Charrington’s first publication 'Beneath Mercia' is a 34 page risograph printed photobook. Hardback with debossed print on cover, foil blocked spine and black paper digital print dustcover.

‘…a lot of the time, my work is concerned with human interaction with the landscape of Sussex.

Beneath Mercia most notably takes this interaction and places a bookend some time back, a time when we fully relied on the land to live, and takes another bookend and places it in the present…Within these boundaries I wanted to depict a county, or country even, that was longing to step back into these traditions and ways of living that echoed down family trees, faint memories still alive in the synapses of our psyches…

Beneath Mercia is in no way an answer to the dissonance in our relationship to The British Isles. To me it asks: Where are we? Where were we? And how does that fit in to our lives today?’

148mm x 210mm
Printed on FSC certified 120gsm paper
Sewn binding
Printed endpapers
Edition of 100

Each copy is numbered and signed.

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